Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is generally defined as the regular servicing of equipment on a pre-determined schedule so that catastrophic failures are less likely to occur & the equipment continues to perform at a high level over its lifetime. Preventative maintenance is designed to preserve equipment reliability by replacing warn components before they fail.

At JM Mechanical Service we systematically inspect equipment for defects and correct imperfections before they become actual or major failures.

Why Use Preventative Maintenance
Saves money:
By preventing major breakdowns the corrective costs of the equipment are less.  Equipment that is regularly maintained uses less energy/power. Therefore regularly maintained equipment has lower running costs.
Reduces failures and breakdowns, therefore reduces the need for corrective maintenance.
Lifetime of equipment increases.
Regularly maintained equipment performs at a higher capacity for a longer period of time. Enables you to get the best performance out of your equipment for longer.

What Happens If You Don’t Do Preventative Maintenance
Costs money:
Often when preventative maintenance is not employed breakdowns are catastrophic and expensive.
Equipment is often out of working order for a period of time this downtime where the equipment can’t be used cost money.
Equipment that is not maintained often does not perform at on optimum level.

What We Offer In Preventative Maintenance
Specialised preventative maintenance programs tailored to suit the individual’s or company’s needs. With our vast experience we are able to write a custom-made program for you.
We offer preventative maintenance programs for all the equipment we supply.
We can also service and maintain may other products and equipment types.

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